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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

World Class Indian Minerals

Zeolites at the University of Manitoba

Any of a group of hydrated silicates of aluminum with alkali metals, commonly occurring as secondary minerals in cavities in basic volcanic rocks, used for their molecular sieve properties because they undergo dehydration with little or no change in crystal structure.

Size : 12 x 12 inches

Intermediate in chemical composition between natrolite and scolecite.

Size : 15 x 16 cm

While cavansite does contain vanadium and could thus be a possible ore source for the element, it is not generally considered an ore mineral. However, because of its rich color and relative rarity, cavansite is a much sought after collector's mineral.

Size(crystals) : 9cm
Size(overall) : 20cm

Good specimens have been found in the basalts of  the Deccan traps of the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra near Mumbai.

Size : 32cm

white-to-brown or red zeolite mineral. A hydrous silicate of  calcium and aluminum, occurring in sheaflike aggregates of crystals and in radiated masses.

Size(crystals): over 10cm
Size(overall): 25 x 13cm

A late stage mineral in vugs and fractures found in Triassic diabase. Goosecreekite was first found in Goose Creek quarry, Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, USA.
All the Pieces in this article were acquired from Superb Minerals

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