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Welcome to FineMineralBlog. My name is Bram Hasler, I’m Canadian mineral dealer living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I'm writing this blog to help inform people on beautiful minerals. Most photos seen, I find on google. Credit for the photos go out to there owners. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

400 Million Dollar Emerald

“The latest in the saga of the Bahia Emerald, an 840-pound gemstone is set to take place in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday to decide its fate.
Several people have laid claim to the stone in the nine years since it was dug up in Brazil in 2001. Multitudes of lawyers are expected to fill the courtroom where Judge John Kronstadt will review the case of Tony Thomas, a claimant who says he bought the emerald from Brazilian miners for $60,000.
The emerald, one of the largest gems ever discovered and estimated to be worth almost $400 million, has been around the block. Its journey has taken it thousands of miles and in some interesting places. At one point, the emerald was shipped to New Orleans and stored in a warehouse that was flooded during Hurricane Katrina. It has also been listed on eBay, for a Buy It Now price of only $75 million, according to the San Jose Mercury News.”

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